10 Fabulous Ideas of Room Decoration

Decorating rooms is essential for us to express ourselves. After having only a few months of experience, I have slowly created a great collection of decor ideas that I’m sure you will be able to find the perfect solution in the following post. The whole purpose of creating this kind of gallery is to have an alternative source of inspiration as the local area gives very little inspiration. You should at least have some ideas on how to arrange a single room and to try to connect the areas.

10 Fabulous Ideas of Room Decoration

In the galleries that follow, you can find a lot of inspirations with photos of different rooms and decor ideas that I found and followed on Interest. I’ve decided to show you these rooms according to the colours of the room and the decor that best represents these colours. While looking at these photos, you should try to understand the meanings of the space and the purpose of the decor that is used.

Here are the ideas and photos I used for the colour inspiration gallery:

Kitchen (colour: red)

Kitchen (colour: turquoise)

Laundry room (colour: green)

Laundry room (colour: blue)

Laundry room (colour: purple)

Kitchen (colour: pink)

Pink Kitchen Theme:

For the first colour inspiration gallery, I picked a really nice pink kitchen, with marble-like cabinets, organic accessories, a shelf with three shelves for all the cooking tools that are needed for cooking a large meal, wonderful vases for flowers, and a large window with a view on the street.

An amazingly big kitchen is also inspired by a huge tree with branches and the house of a Disney princess. This kind of decor also defines the colour of the wall in this apartment.

Using Flowers:

By taking a look at the flowers that were hung with white pearls, we can recognize that this is the right moment for the red laundry room. A single drawer is a key for keeping the clothing clean while making it easy to wash and dry it. The wall and the dark blue dresser contrast with the bright white towel with a fancy design.

Furniture Hack:

All of the white furniture and the pastel-coloured flowers in the first room are the perfect combination for the sunroom. The white bed and the light blue rug feel completely out of place with the velvet-curtained windows. The white, pink, and red style interiors make this room feel very futuristic.

Bathroom Theme:

A pink bathroom is also a great option, as it has a cosy feel. It includes white walls with pink and blue and brings a lot of colours with the artwork and shelves with pastel-coloured wallpapers.

Green Theme

The second room is again a great idea with a green colour and the woods that complete it. The furniture is the ideal way to highlight the green shade and also has a very beautiful look.

We can start looking for good paint in this space with an organic tree image. The whole room is just glowing with green, giving the whole place the feeling of a forest.

Blue theme:

The bright blue upholstery of the sofa and the table, combined with white accessories, such as the lamps and the framed photos of the beach. The interesting gold photo frame hanging over the sofa also adds a nice touch.

The room with the table with the good-quality table is a very nice combination for the bedroom. Everything goes well with the warm tone of the walls.

Anime Theme:

Some people taste good at anime themes. As they are a great fan of these things. Decorating walls with those Japanese heroes and female characters. The most famous one is dakimakura. Grab some dakimakura products from the dakimakura shop online

Here we can see a pretty bright and spacious room that is one of my favourites. The wall decoration is perfect and helps the room feel more open. The perfect addition to this room is the old worktop lamp and the wooden stool.

Dinner Table:

This is a good place for people who want to relax with a huge dinner table in the middle of the room.

All of the blue walls and the pastel green sofa, with the white curtains, create a soft and calm look in the dining room.

Enhances Corner:

This picture is a perfect combination of colour and place in the living room. The blue corner gives us a glimpse of the sea and the pastel wallpapers add a lot of personality to the space.

Here is another place with a huge green wall and the tables, cabinets and wooden shelves are the keys to bringing out the true colours of the room.

Living Rooms Theme:

For the first bedroom, I’ve picked a very nice mint green dresser with wood edges. The colour of the walls, combined with the white accessories, creates an amazingly romantic atmosphere for a big bed.

Another nice combination of colour and place is in the living room of the first apartment. The black square elements in the back create a cosy and cosy look, while the pastel furniture matches perfectly with the wallpaper.

The living room of the second apartment features the most beautiful view of the city. It’s also interesting to notice that the strong colours and the pastel nature of the design of the space creates a very serene atmosphere.

All of the whiteness of the walls gives the perfect idea to the green and white bedroom. The wooden furniture is the perfect way to highlight the natural colour of the room.

After leaving the second apartment, we found a similar kitchen with an organic look. In this kitchen, all the appliances are made out of wood, while the carpet brings out the green and also reminds us of the mushroom design.

The third and last picture is the office, where a huge painting of an aeroplane with a sail will make the office feel as if it’s very close to the sky.

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