7 ways to maintain bond with your married sister

The brother-sister relationship is a childhood bond and one of the most pious bonds. This bond is a lifetime bond that makes our life worth living. The relationship that brother and sister share with each other is a combination of various relations. 

7 ways to maintain bond with your married sister

Sisters care like mothers and brothers protect her like fathers and both support each other like friends. 

Marriage is another most beautiful alliance, but as per Indian culture and tradition, a girl has to leave her home and shift to her husband’s house after marriage. This brings a lot of changes in her life. Not only leaving home but also there are many relations left behind, and one of them is the sibling relationship.

Siblings who have grown together and spent their childhood, teenage and adulthood together get parted and live in different houses. This brings a huge change in their relationship because there is no more sharing, fights and fun together. But that doesn’t mean the bond gets ruined. 

It is still possible to relive this sibling bond every year as Raksha Bandhan is the festival that unites the siblings again. 

Apart from this, there are numerous ways to maintain a relationship with your married sister. If you are looking for it, then read this blog further to know more.

Celebrate Raksha Bandhan together-

Rakha Bandhan is the most amazing festival and comes every year to reunite the bond between the siblings. Make sure you celebrate this festival together. Because it might be possible that your sister will stay in a different city, and it is not possible for her to travel. If possible, try visiting her on Raksha Bandhan every year and celebrate this day together. You can buy rakhi online too.

Stay connected-

In today’s world of the internet, staying connected has become much easier than before. You can call your sister once a week or try video calls for more effective conversations with her. Apart from calling, you can stay in touch through social media. You can share each other’s pictures or upload your childhood photos on social media, tag each other, share videos etc. 

Plan Surprises-

Surprises are the best ways to make each other realise their importance in your life. You can also plan surprises for your sister on her birthday, anniversaries or just on random occasions to make her feel special and happy. Unexpected surprises are the best.

Send her gifts-

It is not possible for you to visit your sister frequently, but you can send her surprise gifts to recall her presence in your life. You can get her favourite item and send it to her as a gift. She will feel elated with this gesture. These days the market is full of exclusive gifts for sisters that you can buy for her. There are personalised gifts as well which are very special. Online shopping websites also offer a great range of gifts that you can select for your sister. There is a facility to send gifts and flowers online via online delivery services. So it is convenient for you to send your sister gifts on special occasions, festivals or just randomly. 

A surprise visit-

If possible, try visiting your sister once every 6 months and surprise her. You can spend time with her and relive those golden days from your childhood together. You can go for lunch or dinner together or with your family and spend some quality time all together.

Support her-

Apart from all the materialistic things that you do for your sister, what’s more, important is your support. Make sure you stand by your sister all her life and support her in life decisions. Support is the biggest gift you can ever give your sister. 

I hope you liked and found this article helpful. Cherish the sibling bond because you can never experience all the relationships in a single bond. 

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