Not only climate but men’s health is also degrading in 21st century? See here!

In the headlines, news reports, and in school books everywhere it is highlighted that our mother earth is in danger. There’s no doubt that deforestation, global warming, and ozone layer depletion are raising concerns about human habitation.

Not only climate but men’s health is also degrading in 21st century? See here!

But many a time the problems of the current inhabitants of the earth are ignored. And especially the problem of men is ignored in times when women's empowerment is at its peak. Men have to face the wrath of this. Not one talks as aggressively about men’s health as women’s health. It is high time that we start talking and spreading awareness about men’s health with the same enthusiasm for women’s empowerment. But every time lack of awareness and education is not the reason behind the poor health of men. Apart from injuries several other factors also affect men's health.

Lacking the ability to change with time

In the past decade or even over the centuries, men have taken control of the whole family. If we go back in time since early men began inhabiting the earth. When we were not Homo sapiens but Homo erectus. People moved in groups or in communities to remain safe from predators and the leader of the group was a male. 

The females in the group were given the responsibility of handling the children and supporting the family. Those were the times when we couldn’t speak properly. Now the majority of the world is educated and can browse the internet. Now we understand that all humans irrespective of gender, caste, creed, or religion should be given equal opportunities. 

But some men who are in the habit of patriarchy are still not able to get over this outdated thinking of controlling everyone in the family. Even in the 21st century, this problem hasn’t been eradicated. 

In recent studies by acclaimed universities across the world. It was found that even today men in respectable positions in institutes and multinational companies feel uncomfortable working under female bosses. One can see how deep-rooted the problem is. 

It will require decades of nurturing thoughts of equality and gender roles. The problem is the same in every part of the world in underdeveloped, developing as well as developed countries. 

Ego problem

Apart from the patriarchal mentality men also suffer from ego problems. This problem also has some similarities with the hierarchy. Or you may say as a result of hierarchical thought ego is generated. In ego, the male member determines to perform a certain task no matter what will be its consequences. In one of the incidents where the ego problem became much more than just a personal problem, it emerged as a community disorder in men. In recent reports of the number of farmers who committed suicide in various parts of the world were released. When media persons interviewed the wife and children of the dead farmer, they found out that the reason for suicide was increasing debt which they were unable to pay. The wives of those farmers responded that they wanted to help the family, but they were not permitted by their husbands to work outside. This shows that even in grave situations where there is a scarcity of one meal the ego factor remains active. Many psychiatrists were of the view that poverty is the main reason for farmer suicide but subtly ego problems cannot be ignored. If that wife had been working somewhere definitely things could have been a little better. Even the ego problem is a centuries-old problem continuing since time immemorial. So, getting rid of the problem will only happen in one night but several generations have to work together to achieve the goal.

How is men’s health impacted by these issues?

Previously we learned how got a simple-looking ego problem cost the life of farmers. Thinking all-time responsibilities of your family can be nerve-wracking. Such types of men when exposed to people of progressing minds they are unable to function in front of them. They fear that their outdated thoughts would be confronted which would make them feel guilty. The family life of such men is already ruined. Children also look for opportunities to go away from the family as soon as possible because of the toxic environment at home. From now on when you see an old man having all the necessities and wealth and living alone separated from his wife and children. Remember that at his young age he must have been an egoistic person and a patriarchal who liked to impose his thoughts on everyone. No one wants to spend his/her life with a man who is ignorant of others except himself. And such people deserve such endings. Not only old people but even men of 40 years of age have been separated from their family. Some are fragile unable to handle a great deal of stress and succumb to depression and anxiety. Or many people get addicted to alcohol, smoking, or even illegal drugs.

Daily life problems

High blood pressure, increased heartbeat, and loneliness become a common sight for such men. The simple organic process of the body like urination, and excretion is hampered. They become regular consumers of large varieties of drugs which have their share of side effects. Cenforce 100 is always on their list of monthly shopping. Even in the workplace, such people lack self-confidence, self-esteem, and the lack of courage. Seeing some other women happy with their partner incites a feeling of vacancy in them. But they don’t realize that the reason for such a situation is their own path following.

Do such deep-rooted problems have a solution?

Surely every problem in the world has some other solution. Even the hardest game in the world has a solution. For such thinking problems, there are solutions but it needs the cooperation of the society as well as the democratically elected governments. It is known to everyone that no discrimination should happen based on gender, caste, religion, etc. But despite providing modern education these instances are still happening in the world. To solve this men’s problem the first step should be taken in homes, schools, and government institutions by elevating the status of women. Or else the cases of suicide and depression would surely see a huge spike in the coming future.

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